“Strange Fruit Burns Fat”

Or not…? I’ve been seeing these ads online recently — banners at the top of my screen — for “Strange Fruit Burns Fat” or “Miracle Weight-Loss Fruit.” I never actually clicked on the ad, but I came across this article today about African mangoes. Apparently, there is a whole business out there for the selling of African mango extract, which is said to reduce visceral fat (the fat around your abdomen) drastically. It also aids in stress reduction. Who really cares about stress though? All consumers want is a quick body fix. Yeah!

A bottle of these pills, at GNC anyway, can cost you $60, or 50 cents per capsule. Or, at the daily dosage of 4 capsules, $2 per day. Plus, we don’t yet know the implications of long-term use. (But like I said, who really cares? All we want is a quick body fix.) That’s a pretty steep price and kind of a risk in my opinion.

I’ve got a different “magical” cure for belly fat — eating fresh fruit and fresh vegetables in an array of colors and eating whole grains and lean protein. Add a little cardiovascular exercise? Yep. There it goes. Bye, bye belly fat.

Bottom line: Don’t fall for the expensive gimmicks. Save your $60 a month for the grocery store and a gym membership.


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